Bandwidth for October

Received:41.31 GB
Sent:5.87 GB
Total:47.18 GB

The first weekend was another General Conference broadcast from our church. We're making more use of Netflix as well. Sundays, since I don't play video games, I usually spend the night catching a couple episodes of old TV shows or movies. The kids like watching episodes of Mythbusters, too; and sometimes my wife will put on a Thomas the Tank Engine movie during the day for the toddler.

Most of it so far has been standard-definition video, though. As it happens, the first season of the original Star Trek is on Netflix streaming in HD video, but I noticed it is not going to be available after a date in late November. (Why the limited time, I wonder?) So I've been trying to watch as much as I can while it's available. We'll see what effect close to 20 hours of HD video has on bandwidth next month, and how close that comes to the ever-looming cap. Stay tuned!