Indoor plumbing is not a new thing

Sometimes, I'm in the bathroom at work for more than a fleeting moment (I'll spare you the details of why), long enough to hear a few people (presumably co-workers, and tenants and guests of other offices on our floor) come in to do their business. It never ceases to amaze me how often I'll hear someone come in, relieve himself, and leave — without either washing his hands or so much as flushing.

I wonder what goes through their minds that causes them to not flush. Are they so proud of what they've accomplished, that they want to leave their creation for the next person to appreciate? Do they think they are just so important or in just so much of a hurry that the half-second it takes to push the little flusher handle is too much of a burden? And worse, is this how they behave at home, too? Are their home toilets full of their bodies' waste processes? Do they only flush once a day, or weekly, or at all?

And what of the lack of the washing of the hands? I had hoped that with the whole "swine flu" hype (which I think is probably way overblown anyway), people might be a little more conscious of wanting to stay healthy and keeping clean; and yet, here are people throwing cleanliness to the wind. This is even more annoying, considering that their lack of hand-washing is going to spread germs around, starting with the same door handle I'm going to be using soon to exit the bathroom myself, after I've already gone through the trouble of washing my own hands.

Seriously. Flush toilet, wash hands. These are not new concepts. These are not hard things to do.


Bandwidth for November

In75.58 GB
Out5.70 GB
Total81.27 GB

This was a big month. Netflix had the Star Trek Original Series Season 1 collection available for streaming in HD. At the start of the month, they said it would only be available until around the 24th, so I tried to make sure I watched all of it by then. (It was only after I managed to finish the series that they removed the deadline, of course.) So, November shows the effect of watching twenty-nine 50-minute episodes of streaming high-definition video (in addition to a handful of standard-def videos and movies here and there).

Managed to hit about a third of the cap.