To report a problem with your phone, please call...

Our internet service was out this morning. Since we have VOIP, that meant the phone was out, too. So I picked up my cell phone and called 1-800-COMCAST, hoping that if I reported the problem before I dropped the kids off at school, it'd be fixed by the time I came back home to work. The call went something like this:

Please enter the phone number where you have service, or wish to order service.
> ##########

For English, press 1. Para espagnol, numero 2.
> 1

To report a problem with your service, press 1...
> 1

For cable TV, press 1. For internet, press 2. For home telephone, press 3.
> 2

Did you know you can visit our website for service requests? Just go to www.comcast.com/service to chat with a live customer service operator!

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