Impact of video on bandwidth

Continuing the saga of bandwidth, I had an interesting data point come up this weekend. My church has a general conference twice a year, where we have an opportunity to hear from the leadership of the church. This is streamed live over the internet in fairly decent quality video (in my completely unscientific opinion, it looked just as good as any standard TV show might look on a 12" laptop computer screen).

The conference spans the entire weekend, with two 2-hour sessions broadcast each on Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the second Sunday session, the thought suddenly occurred to me; I wondered how much bandwidth I was using up.

Fortunately, this is something I can check without too much difficulty. A quick call to vnstat reveals the following statistics:

Saturday4.68 GB206.82 MB4.88 GB
Sunday3.98 GB123.33 MB4.10 GB

Saturday will of course include some extra bytes for online gaming, which doesn't happen on Sunday.

Interesting thing about those stats: if that happened every day, watching four hours of streaming video, I still wouldn't hit the cap. I'd come far short of it, in fact.

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