Cell-ing Out

This MSN Tech article asks the question, "Are all the extra features really necessary? Or should a phone just be a phone?"

An interesting stat mentioned is that "camera phones … outsold regular cell phones for the first time in 2007", but what it doesn't say is why. Last time I looked at cell phones (which must've been four or five years ago, as that's at least as long as I've had my current phone), you had to look hard to find one without a camera, whether you wanted one or not. It's almost like Microsoft bragging about how computers with Vista are outselling XP, when it's extremely difficult to find a computer with XP anymore.

Personally, I don't even use my phone for text messaging, let alone email; but that has more to do with cost than with preference for the feature. I would love to surf or instant message from my phone, or use it to play music. But a full-featured phone like that starts at over a hundred dollars, and a data plan would increase my monthly cell phone bill by close to 50% (just for my line, and if I got it, my wife would want it, too, thus doubling the cost). Even text messaging plans are getting expensive (as I've ranted about before).

I've used a Pocket PC for a time (before the battery stopped holding a charge), and I thought it was wonderfully convenient, even if it lacked connectivity. I think one with a built-in phone and Wi-Fi would be the cat's meow. But, it's just not a need, certainly not compared to not spending the extra money per month.

Makes me wonder about these people who do use the extra services — "the youth", the article says. Are they paying their own cell phone bills, or is it coming out of mommy and daddy's account?

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Spencer said...

Did you just say "the cat's meow"?

That marks you as one of those old guys in Florida who wears way-too-short shorts and way-too-long white socks with sandals.

But I actually agree with you. :)