Bandwidth for November

Another month, another bandwidth analysis.

The total bandwidth for November was 23,648MB down, 3,843MB up, 27,492MB total. The total bandwidth consumed for November was actually less than that for October by nearly 11GB.

This actually surprised me quite a bit. With the extremely graphic-heavy redesign of the Xbox dashboard, and with what I thought was a lot of videos and demos downloaded over the month, I would have expected a lot more usage. I even watched a couple episodes of South Park streamed from their web site. Sure, I haven't started downloading motion pictures yet, but I haven't exactly been conservative with my internet usage, either.


JediChric said...

I have been watching a lot of Netflix Streaming off of the 360, but I'm interested in how much bandwidth that takes.

Also, do you know of a bandwidth monitor to use for Windows? I can't find one.

Yakko Warner said...

I did a quick google, and I came up with PRTG Traffic Grapher, which looks like it may do what you need. I think.

Adjusting my search terms a bit, I found that Comcast is actually planning on releasing its own meter around the beginning of the year. I guess they finally caved to all the complaints about them being able to shut off your service for crossing a threshold but no way of discovering how close you were to that number.