Bandwidth for July

As I continue to monitor my own usage for my Comcast internet service, I note that, at some point, I was intending to compare my numbers to the numbers that Comcast itself reports that I am using. However, it appears, after having implemented this cap 10 months ago, Comcast still has not released a bandwidth meter to their customers. How it is they can get away with limiting your usage without telling you your usage is beyond me, but there it is.

And, as for the July totals, here it is:

Totals are 16.95GB down, 4.97GB up, for 21.92GB total. There's a huge spike on the 31st, which might have to do with watching a lot of YouTube videos of "Literal Videos".

Stay tuned, though; next month is about to get interesting. Microsoft has released an update to the Xbox dashboard that allows you to watch Netflix movies in a virtual theater with friends. Virtual MST3k, here we come! :D

I activated my Netflix free trial today, and seeing all the movies and shows available for my kids, I can already tell it's going to get a lot of use and be well worth it.

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