Bandwidth for August

Totals are 55.07GB in, 6.50GB out, total 61.57GB.

This month, numbers went way up, thanks to biting the bullet and activating my Netflix subscription and streaming movies to my Xbox 360. On the 1st, we watched about four hours of video (one feature-length movie, a shorter cartoon movie, and a kid's video), and on the 2nd, we watched close to eight hours (four movies and two TV episodes), all standard-definition. I don't recall all of what we watched on the 8th, but it resulted in even more bandwidth used.

Just taking the numbers for the highest usage day, it does show an interesting point. If I were to stream eight hours plus of standard-def video every day (resulting in 6.25GB of use, including random web surfing and other internet activity that day) for the entire month (31 days max), that still leaves me with 56GB before I hit the 250GB cap. Up to this point, my highest usage month was under 38GB, and the average was 26.85GB.

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