Microsoft Store fixing my preorder

This is a follow up to the previous post.

After yet another exchange of emails saying "You weren't charged, so it was canceled" and "I wanted to be charged, why was it canceled", I got an email from another "escalation specialist". He referenced my exchange with Aubrey, so I figured this new person was taking over for the previous one, and he offered to re-place the order and get all my preorder bonuses for me.

We had a couple emails back and forth to confirm everything, and he asked for my phone number and a time to call so he could get my credit card information (since it wasn't available to him, and email is way too insecure for sending that information). When I was on the phone with him, he placed the order and gave me the new order number. He commented that it had been flagged for review from the fraud department, so it might take a day to process, but he would put a note on it so the investigators would know what was going on. Sometime during the night, I got a confirmation email that the order had been processed.

He called a couple days later in regards to the 1600 Microsoft Points card that was one of the preorder bonuses, asking if I wanted a physical card or a code by email. I told him a code was fine, and he said he would get that processed. He also told me he would be upping my $10 next-purchase credit to $20 for my trouble. Interestingly enough, when he emailed later with the Points code, he commented that every order he is placing for me is getting flagged for review. In my thank-you reply for the code, I asked if there was a way to check into why this was so. Maybe it's just the oddity of the customer service person placing orders on my behalf, but if there is another underlying reason, it'll be good to know before I try to use my $20 credit on my next order.

The next day, I got a call from Aubrey, who wanted to check on my shipping details to get my order replaced. I guess the "takeover" wasn't fully communicated. I gave him the other guy's phone number, and he said he'd double-check everything to make sure it was getting taken care of; and he later emailed me to say it looks like everything is good.

So, it took a while, and a few frustrating emails to start off, but it does look like everything is finally getting taken care of.

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