Come join the Social!

I don't have a Zune, but I thought it might be kind of fun, since your Zune Card and your Gamercard are automatically one, to set up my Zune Card account and join "the Social", as it were.

For a company that usually has "integration" down to a science, they're really dropping the ball on this, aren't they?

I have Windows Media Player and Windows Live Messenger. With a simple flick of an option on both sides, I can have my status message on Live Messenger automatically update to show what I'm listening to in Windows Media Player. It should be pretty much the same thing for Zune, no?

No. I have to download the Zune player. While it has some nice little features of its own (I like the collage of album art you can have in the background of the "now playing" mode), it lacks a ton of other features that are in WMP11, like visualizations, minimizing to a toolbar, updating the Live Messenger status message, responding to the media keys on my keyboard...

I did some searching on the 'net, and all I could find were echos of the questions going through my mind: Why didn't they just make a plug-in for WMP11 and integrate Zune functionality into their already-very-capable and useful media player?

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