Biden's Bungles: A Blatant Bias

Wow. When the New York Post starts to report on media bias (and even Dan Rather is commenting about it), you know there are problems.


Sal Cartusciello said...

Actually the Post is owned by Rubert Murdoch and is usually right leaning, but you are correct about the bias. It is amazing.

I mentioned on my blog that the Time Magazine editor spoke about it on CNN's Reiable Sources, and admitted there seems to be a double standard. This was in reference to Obama skipping public financing after saying he would do it, and if switched, the press would be all over McCain and checking on every single contribution. Didn't say it would be corrected, but did at least admit it.

Yakko Warner said...

Er, whoops, yeah, I guess it's not quite as liberal a paper as the New York Times or the Washington Post. You got me there. ;)

Nice to know Time has taken Step 1: Admitting You Have a Problem.