I know you are listening

Either someone on the Aurora City Council is reading this blog, or it just so happens that that someone else had a similar complaint and was already in the process of changing something I blogged about earlier.

In this post, I suggest that the very large "Speed Limit 40" sign before the end of the school zone is very misleading. It's been this way since I've traveled this road, at least a couple years. And yet, I noticed when I took my kids to school as the school year started up again for 2009 that the very large "Speed Limit 40" sign has been removed, and now a much more normal-sized sign — one of equal size as the "End School Zone" sign — is posted instead, on the same post as the "End School Zone" sign.

Coincidence? Maybe I should test this theory.

You know, I find it annoying that large piles of generic cash don't randomly show up on my doorstep.…

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