At least he didn't have to go far

So while I'm in transit to the hospital to meet my wife, I get a call. "We'll be in the ER." Apparently, while they were waiting for our son to get prepped for another CAT scan (after one week in the ICU, they still have not been able to positively identify the source of his illness), our toddler slipped, hit his head on a counter, and cracked his head open.

Considering he doesn't have a "slow" speed setting, I had always pretty much assumed it wouldn't be a matter of "if" for him, but "when". I suppose there are worse places for something like that to happen than a hospital.

And maybe it would teach him to slow down and behave? Pfft, not by a long shot. My wife reported that, while they were in the ER waiting room, with his bleeding head bandaged and waiting to be sealed up, he was still running around and climbing all over things.

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Spencer said...

Man, when it rains, it pours.