Bandwidth for April

You can see the spike on the first weekend where, again, I watched the streaming video of my church's general conference broadcasts. There are two 2-hour sessions, with two hours between them, during which church news is broadcast. Although we didn't watch for six hours straight, I did let it keep streaming the video, partially because I didn't want to have to restart the stream (I put my laptop up on a high shelf when I connected it to the TV for output and didn't want to climb back up to get it), and partially to see what would happen to my bandwidth numbers. (Sunday, I actually did stop and restart the stream when I found my bluetooth mouse worked as a suitable remote control.)

Although I haven't been home to do a lot of Xbox gaming this month (spending most nights in the hospital with my son), I still use my home network connection quite a bit as my own personal proxy server. I've used this from work for over a year now, mainly to prevent any misunderstandings that might occur if I were to happen to hit the wrong website at the wrong time. I'm also using it from the hospital, since they have an unsecured wireless connection that is also a tad overzealous in filtering out websites that "might" be "unsafe".

Anyway, the total numbers: 27.06GB down, 5.32GB up, 32.38GB total. This month is the second highest, ranking behind the last general conference month (October).

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