Our home away from home

My wife is back at Children's Hospital, this time with the baby (and toddler in tow; I'll be picking him up later). Although he was fine when we brought him home, he had been spitting up more and more, to the point where he was forcefully spewing not long after every feeding. We had planned on waiting to take our little "fountain of youth" to the doctor at his regularly-scheduled appointment tomorrow, but it had gotten bad enough that we decided to go ahead and make a call today.

My wife can't remember the exact name of the condition, but after a quick google, it looks like pyloric stenosis. They have him hooked up to an IV already, and they are scheduling him for surgery sometime tomorrow. According to the doctors, this is a very safe (and non-emergency) surgery. If he gets a morning appointment, he could even come home as early as tomorrow night.

Although I'd rather not have to go back to the hospital, at least it should be a pretty short and uneventful stay; and after this, my wife may not have to bring several changes of clothes (for the baby and for herself) everywhere she goes.


Spencer said...

Here's hoping the surgery goes well!

Yakko Warner said...

Just got a call from my wife. They got him into surgery tonight, and he's just coming out of surgery into recovery. Everything's fine, and he can even start eating again in as soon as two to three hours.

Two bells and all's well. I guess I can go get some sleep now.

Yakko Warner said...

Everything's fine; he came home today. He's a little crabbier than normal, but food actually stays down.

The surgeon said he's operated on kids who have had this procedure before, and you can't even tell it's been done, it heals so completely. Very simple and routine as far as baby problems go.

I'm glad this event was just a one-day thing...