March Bandwidth

In110.44 GB
Out7.91 GB
Total118.35 GB
Comcast's measurement103 GB (-15.35)

If there was ever any question that switching from watching TV over broadcast cable to watching videos streamed over the internet for entertainment would have an effect on bandwidth, this should answer it.

There are certain viewing habits I've noticed from my family that make for a rather "inefficient" use of data. For instance, my kids like watching videos multiple times. As my toddler is watching the same episode of Kipper the Dog for the third time in a row on streaming Netflix, those video bits are being streamed over the internet from Netflix's servers anew each time. I also noticed that videos that I know for certain that we already own on DVD were being watched via Netflix. Why? Because it was just easier to pull them up on an on-screen menu than to try and dig through the pile of kids' movies to find it.

Still, while all these "wasted bits" did make for a few high-volume days, they were in enough of the minority that the entire month still managed to come in under half of the monthly cap. There would've had to have been quite a few more high-volume days to even come close.

Although I'll certainly admit to feeling nervous when this month started. With what turned out to be the highest-volume day hitting so early in the month, vnstat was predicting a much larger monthly total for a while.…

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