Web Part Madness

In my earlier post, I commented on how, from what I heard from another developer's rantings, web parts involve developing your own web page. As I'm about to dive into my own web part, I realize I didn't fully grasp what he meant.

It appears that some large things that one would normally take for granted in an ASP.Net web page — in particular, the creation of child controls and the rendering of the page and said controls as HTML — must now be coded manually. Yes, imagine my surprise when I opened up some web part code and saw the CreateChildControls and Render methods and all their code.

What. The. Crap.

It's like SharePoint development takes all the ease and safety of .Net coding and rips it away like a scab that hasn't fully healed, leaving a bloody festering wound in its place. But at least they give you a needle, and if you're lucky, you can go out on the web and find enough thread to sew the wound closed.

Yes, the geezer in me is already telling me to sit down and shut up. I've drawn out web pages by hand before, where the closest thing we had to a "server control" was an include file that wrote an expected structure of HTML code to the response stream. But for heaven's sake, that was over five years ago. We're supposed to be well beyond that. We're even coding with the very tools that take us beyond that, and we're being told that we have to do our jobs with the important tools tied behind our backs.

Maybe this is what Microsoft meant by "do more with less"?

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