Global Warming - Lastest Excuse for the War on the Family

Pretty interesting article on how the pseudoscience of global warming is being used in a renewed attack against families and religion. I'll have to keep my comments to a minimum, because not only does the author already make plenty of points clear, I don't think I could comment further without wanting to tear into the lefty environmentalist whackos who actually believe that tripe.

I love the author's last paragraph, though. Reminds me of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 short "Mr. B Natural", when Tom Servo quips, "Meanwhile, the Midvale police visit his locker to find out why they call him, 'Buzz'."

I always found it interesting (and sad) how words get twisted. Instead of perversion, it's "progressive". Obscene is "adult". And conservative faith and belief is "backwards", "Puritanical", and even "dangerous".

I've said it before. Some days, I wish the Second Coming would hurry and get here to put an end to this madness.

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