Bandwidth for May

Whoops, forgot to grab the data for the beginning of May. Daily numbers are missing, but the monthly totals are accurate.

Total for May: 19.98GB down, 4.54GB up, 24.52GB total. Not quite a tenth of the cap. This month has the second lowest total since the cap, coming in just ahead of March.

If it weren't for the impending medical bills, I'd sign up for Netflix, if only to see what it would do.


Spencer said...

Speaking of medical bills, how is Nate doing?

Yakko Warner said...

Doing very well, thanks for asking. He's pretty much back to normal. He'll be taking pills for a while, but as far as being able to run, play, and otherwise act like a normal 7-year-old boy, he's just fine.

Unfortunately (speaking of medical bills), one of the pills he's on isn't covered by insurance. I was hoping I would just have to resubmit a claim when I got his prescription filled and spent $500 on pills. Alas, there was no mistake. X(