A Whole New Url

I've had the domain yakkowarner.com for a couple years now. I originally used it when I decided to try out Microsoft's Office Live service. Well, I didn't really have any use for it, so I thought the URL could better serve me elsewhere.

Microsoft doesn't provide an easy-to-find link to instructions for how to grab your domain name, so I tried the back-door approach: I contacted the registrar to request a domain transfer. I got to send my very first international fax, to Melbourne, Australia. Excitement. (I actually had to do it four times. The first one didn't go through, the second one I realized I put the paper in upside down [oops], the third time didn't go through again.) Doing so prompted a tech rep from Microsoft's Office Live team to send me a very helpful and detailed message, with links, with exactly what I needed to do to release my domain so I could transfer it to my control.

So, welcome to www.YakkoWarner.com! It's the same blog with an easier-to-type address. :)


Spencer said...

Congratulations! I would probably have a cool domain name, but that involves spending money.

Yakko Warner said...

It might be less than you think. Registration for this domain was only $8 for the year for me via Dotster. You then need DNS service on top of that, but ZoneEdit is free.