April in Review

April sucked.

  • Middle son ends up in the hospital for an extended stay. (Resolution: none yet, still there.)
  • Friend and client busted by SEC for running a Ponzi scheme. (Resolution: none. Have had little time to process this myself, let alone follow the case; see above.)
  • Youngest son splits head open at hospital. (Resolution: glued shut, healed fine.)
  • Snow storm kept us at home away from hospital. (Resolution: worked out; my mother had flown in for the weekend and was already there with my son.)
  • Master bathroom toilet seat split. (Resolution: none, haven't been home long enough to fix.)
  • My wife was rear-ended on the way to the hospital one morning. (Resolution: n/a, occurred at such a low speed the only "damage" done was dust in the shape of the offender's license plate that wiped away clean.)
  • My laptop's wireless card died, due to an extremely common problem with this model of HP laptop. HP wants $100 just to look at it before they'll decide what to charge me to fix it, even though they repaired the identical problem on the identical laptop (my wife's) a few months ago. (Resolution: bought a $30 USB Wi-Fi adapter.)

Yes, I know, everything worked out, and some of these are really minor things. It just seemed like everything came crashing down all at once, and especially when you're dealing with something major like having a kid in the hospital and are spending better than 12 hours a day there, it all seems like a lot.

Even when this is all over, it won't be; I have a feeling we'll be paying for this for months, if not years to come. My hospital stay for my appendix cost thousands, and that was only for a couple days.

But that's something to worry about later. Right now, the most important thing I want resolved on the list is still there. My son is still in the hospital, still not getting better to the point where he can come home. My wife and I have spent the night in the same bed precisely three nights in the past 24 (when my mother showed up for the one weekend and sent us home). And what sleep I do get during the week is definitely not quality, considering the inch and a half of foam on a sheet of flat plywood that qualifies as a fold-out bed here.

I know, things could be worse. I just want to know when they're going to get better.


Spencer said...

Hang in there. You are in my prayers.

Also, my CAPTCHA was Swarr, which would be a really good name for a rock band.

Yakko Warner said...

Missed one:

* Wife lost her Discover Card. (Stolen from hospital room, or just lost? Not sure. Resolution: reported lost/stolen before any new charges appeared.)

And a new one:
* Xbox 360 memory card lost while moving hospital rooms. (Resolution: All Live profiles recovered to home console; memory card and content is gone.)

Spark said...

Dude...sorry about all this crap. When stuff starts snowballing, even little things get to be big things.

And hospitals suck on security. I've seen plenty of things go missing from them...

Sal Cartusciello said...

You know this is a "test". Have Faith my man, you and the family will get through this. Will keep you in my prayers.